Thursday, March 11, 2010

He IS Worthy!

WOW! I am behind in keeping this blog updated. I have been very busy and it doesn't seem like it will be slowing down anytime soon.

I have several new designs since the last post. I'm working on getting them listed in my online gift shop and in my ebay store. Taking the photos is what always seem to slow me down. Progress is being made slowly :)

In February our church's Women's Minsitry held a Winter Women's Retreat. I was a teacher for one of the sessions. My topic was "The Lord is My Shepherd". I learned so much about sheep and shepherds and was very overwhelmed the more I realized what it meant to have Jesus, the Good Shepherd as my shepherd. Throughout my time of preparation for the retreat and even during the retreat my mind was flooded with "He is Worthy". It would go over and over like a marquee sign. Being a part of the planning and preparation was a very humbling experience. I still feel speechless and overwhelmed by God's presence that weekend. From the weekend came a new design. I've called it the "He is Worthy Cross". I couldn't rest until I got that design out of my head and onto paper :) It is now available in prints, cards and tiles. I even experimented with bookmarks.

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