Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A sweet lady asked me to paint a tree with for my "Paisley Chicks". She wanted to decorate her baby's room with some of my Chicks and wanted to also have a Tree Print. I was glad to take on the assignment. I had been wanting to paint a tree anyway so this gave me a reason to go ahead and get it done. After getting the tree completed I received an email from her: "oh no....the ultrasound said it's not a girl it's a boy!" She thought for sure it was a girl.

That's ok....now we have another tree to choose from

and some new "paisley chicks" have been added to the family!
Congratulations on the boy!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Story Behind....."Paisley Chicks"
It was inspired by a few of my “little sisters in Christ”. A group of them call themselves the “church chicks”. I’ve been so blessed by watching them grow in Christ and by how they encourage each other! I wanted to do something with chicks for spring and I really had paisleys on my mind. Well, before I knew it the “Paisley Chicks” were born. I had the basics of the picture in my mind but I was still stuck on the verse. I had prayed about which verse to use and about using an acronym for Chicks. After a LOT of prayer and much time spent looking up words with my dictionary, concordance and Bible it came to me! Thank you Lord! It feels like a new member of our family. These are special verses. You know we all face trials, struggles, victories and joy in life. It is great to have fellow “chicks” to walk along side us headed toward the same goal. It is a blessing from God. Sometimes we need a Chick to walk along by our side. But many times we need a peck to get us going again; or maybe a shoulder to cry on; or a fellow Chick to pull us up out of a pity party; or one to rejoice with us over blessings. Since finishing this design and putting it on shirts and other products I have met some interesting ladies who are doing these very things. They have a special place in my heart.
After I finished drawing the first few Chicks I saw how the Paisley design was so symbolic of these verses. I was so excited when I noticed the representation of being “in Christ”! The outer shape represents God, the middle represents Christ and the center is me as a Christian in Christ. Look for the hidden eggs in the design. They also are symbolic. The shell: God, the white: Christ, and the yolk: the believer. So this design truly is special to me for many reasons. I learned so much as God led me down the path of putting this design on paper.
Since the original 4 Chicks were birthed or hatched many more Chicks have been added to the Paisley family. I even have a Paisley Pup. I have a Paisley Purr in my head....maybe soon she will be on paper and painted too! You can see them in my online gift shop.