Thursday, August 27, 2009

In June I received a special request for this poem with a design painted around it. It is a poem that is known among parents of children with Down's Syndrome. I did a little research on Down's syndrome. I immediately fell in love with those precious children. Their faces are so beautiful with joy and innocence and trust. I kept seeing children peeping their heads over a fence but couldn't get that worked in with the poem. It finally clicked with me to paint two separate pictures. After that great revelation, it all fell in place! Well, the baby was born before I completed the pictures. I've seen a picture and she is so beautiful! Like a precious baby doll. Her family must be very special for God to choose them to care for this special creation. May He bless them all! I've been blessed just by working on this design for her bedroom. And I've decided that I think this poem really fits us all....not just children with Down's syndrome.

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