Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Paisley Chicks are back and getting in the Christmas spirit!

They have carefully climbed up in the attic and retrieved their winter gear.
Boots, scarves, hats and leg warmers are a must.
The excitement is building!
A busy day is ahead...
they have a tree to decorate with love.
Oh, how they are working together to get the job done....
whistling and singing while they work

and now
it's off to the Christmas Parade for sure.
The Paisley Chicks have decided to do more than just attend the parade ....
they want to be in the parade!
Hurry now, there is so much to be done.
A float...not enough time.
"Oh no...what can we do?"
Red Hen has an idea,
Tape, paper, stickers, glue, markers and some glitter too.
A beautiful banner...
Oh yes, that will do!
A banner of LOVE
carried high for all to see.

They have learned this year...
It is all about The Gift of Jesus
and the love He has for you and me.
He loved people so much...He gave the very best
Now He wants us to do the same.